Photo by Benjamin Taguemount

An afternoon with Thomasine Barnekow

As we are greeted by the first sunshine of spring, what could be better than talking about a bird that travelled to Paris from the northern skies. This journey has resulted in spectacular, radiant gloves; so beautiful we consider them hand jewelry.

Thomasine Barnekow, a gracious and cheerful world travelled, Swedish designer now lives in the heart of Paris (le Marais) where she creates gloves and accessories in her couture atelier. Upon walking into it you find yourself in the middle of a charming and inspiring garden, adorned with an array of flowers and infused with smells of leather and exotic tea.

Consumed by inspiration for materials, Thomasine continuously surprises and delights her clients. Her gloves are named after the cities where she was inspired: New York, Paris, and London etc.

Thomasine’s original and creative identity can be described as futuristic in style and contemporary in structure, made with exceptionally high quality materials and colors. These high impact and multi functional creations show astonishing verve and vitality and present a myriad of forms and possibilities, with intriguing spirals embellished on the cuffs and surprising cuts.

Do not hesitate to discover and enjoy Thomasine’s gorgeous gloves and check them out on the SHOP.


  • Name : Thomasine Barnekow
  • Date of Birth : 1982
  • Nationality : Sweden
  • Education : Conceptual product design: Man & Identity Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands
  • Name of Brand : Thomasine Gloves
  • Foundation Date : 2008
  • Collaborations :
    • Walter van Beirendonck
    • Paris National Opéra
    • Eric Charles-Donatien
    • Tillmann Lauterbach
    • Gauchère
    • Zöe Lee

Thomasine Gloves - women

Thomasine - Coquallage

Thomasine - Madrid

Thomasine - New York

Thomasine - Paris

Thomasine - Moscow

Thomasine - New York Mitaine

Thomasine - Milan

Thomasine - Tehran

Thomasine - Dublin

Thomasin - Milan Mitaine

Thomasine - Tokyo

Thomasine - Istanbul


Thomasine Gloves - men

Thomasine - Odessa

Thomasine - Torento

Thomasine - Cork

Thomasine - Belfast

Thomasine - Helsinki

Thomasine - Copenhagen

Thomasine - Odessa cut tips

Thomasine - Oslo



Thomasine Gloves for PARIS OPERA  - TOSCA

THOMASINE gloves and couture in collaboration with Paris National Opera for the new production of Tosca.

Costume designer:
Robby Duiveman
Opera Bastille
10 October - 28 November 2014